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Journal of the Month – Journal of Sport Management

Journal of Sport Management

Our journal of the month for March is the Journal of Sport Management (JSM). The journal has been in existence since 1987 and has an impact factor of 0.684.

coverJSM published its 30th volume in 2016 and to celebrate, editor-in-chief David Shilbury compiled a list of some of the most important research published by the journal over the years. Dr. Shilbury selected these articles to capture the most cited papers over a range of years, while also capturing the range of papers published by the journal. He sought to include papers on economic impact, management, marketing and sport development.

For a limited time, we’ve made this research available to you as open access content, so that you may discover the range of research presented over the life of JSM.

For more info check out JSM news.

You may have read our blog Weather and jet lag implications for footballers which was taken from recent research from the JSM journal.

Call for papers for a special issue of Journal of Sport Management

Sport Leadership: A New Generation of Thinking
Guest Editors: Lesley Ferkins, Auckland University of Technology; James Skinner, Ben Corbett, Steve Swanson, Loughborough University London  

The Journal of Sport Management is currently accepting papers for a special issue titled “Sport Leadership: A New Generation of Thinking.” Papers adopting either a theoretical, conceptual, or empirical approach to the study of sport leadership that embrace new leadership thinking would be especially encouraged. In this way, the special issue would bring together a collection of papers that demonstrate the variety of approaches to sport leadership in order to map out future directions for research on sport leadership. Suggested topics of focus include (but are not limited to):

  • Collective sport leadership
  • Social construction of sport leadership
  • Multilevel analysis of sport leadership
  • Sport leadership and diversity
  • Women in sport leadership
  • Leadership in sport governance
  • Self and emotional intelligence in sport leadership
  • The dark side of sport leadership
  • Ethical sport leadership
  • Leadership background

If you are interested in contributing to this special issue, please indicate in your cover letter that the submission is to be considered for the Special Issue “Sport Leadership: A New Generation of Thinking”. Manuscripts should be submitted no later than 30th April 2017 using ScholarOne. To review the full details for this special issue, including submission instructions, check out call for papers.

What is JSM?

The sport management industry is growing leaps and bounds, with an explosion in research projects, texts and university programmes. As the field continues to rapidly evolve, it’s imperative for sport managers to keep abreast of the latest developments. The peer-reviewed Journal of Sport Management (JSM) is your key to staying on top of current issues and trends in this dynamic field.


The Journal of Sport Management aims to publish innovative empirical, theoretical journals and review articles focused on the governance, management and marketing of sport organisations. Submissions are encouraged from a range of areas that inform theoretical advances for the management, marketing and consumption of sport in all its forms and sport organisations generally.

Latest issue


All Rivals Are Not Equal: Clarifying Misrepresentations and Discerning Three Core Properties of Rivalry

Delivering Sports Participation Legacies at the Grassroots Level: The Voluntary Sports Clubs of Glasgow 2014

Weather Conditions, Travel Distance, Rest, and Running Performance: The 2014 FIFA World Cup and Implications for the Future

To Extend or Not Extend a Human Brand: An Analysis of Perceived Fit and Attitudes Toward Athlete Brand Extensions

The Role of Interorganizational Relationships on Elite Athlete Development Processes

Consumers’ Perceived Value of Sport Team Games—A Multidimensional Approach

Prioritizing Sponsorship Resources in Formula One Racing: A Longitudinal Analysis

Off the press

The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession

This Is Your Brain on Sports: The Science of Underdogs, the Value of Rivalry, and What We Can Learn From the T-shirt Cannon

Sport Management digest



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If you are part of an institution this journal is available for £591.00/€8980.00 for both the online and print versions. The journal is also available to buy as just an online product (£454.00/€690.00) or as a print-only product (£515.00/€783.00). These prices are valid until 1st August 2107 and are exclusive of VAT.

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