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Physical Literacy on the Move

Physical Literacy on the Move

Physical Literacy on the Move from Heather Gardner helps you develop the physical literacy of your students. Written to help PE teachers the book features 120 different games and activities.

As well as developing physical literacy skills, students learn how to apply concepts to help improve self-confidence. The practical resource also goes beyond acquiring basic sport skills and fitness training to offer the following:

  • 120 ready-to-use games and activities that are suitable for a variety of PE settings
  • Adaptations of games and activities to increase or decrease difficulty
  • Self-check questions for each activity to help students consider the movement skills, concepts and strategies used
  • Plus, a game finder that helps you find the right kind of games for your students.

Gardner has also broken the games and activities into four progressive levels of learning: beginning, exploring, competent and proficient. Because of this, students aren’t stuck in levels that they find too easy or too hard. They can make decisions regarding their own groups, equipment, game set-up and adaptations.

In addition, activity groups include low organisation games, personal fitness, gymnastics, running and skipping and throwing and catching.

Physical Literacy on the Move is available to buy from

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