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TRX® Workout – Iso Squat

TRX Iso Squat

The TRX iso squat is a fantastic workout for the lower body, improving strength, muscular endurance and mobility.

Over the years Suspension Training® has continued to grow in popularity. Spawned from traditional gymnastic training, suspension training takes advantage of the physical laws of nature to improve physical fitness.

Using the basic principles of physics, Suspension Training allows the user to manipulate the resistance created by one’s own bodyweight to provide the necessary physical stressors for developing and maintaining health and fitness.

This post is going to take you through one of the exercises from our new book Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training by Jay Dawes.

TRX Iso squat


The TRX Iso Squat (iso is short for Isometric) will improve ankle, knee and hip mobility. As well as lower-body muscular endurance and joint stability.

Exercise level



No lower-body joint pain or injury.


Adjust the straps to mid length, approximately hip height.

Starting position

Stand facing the anchor point. Grasp the handles with elbows bent and step back until there is no slack in the straps.


  • Point the toes outwards slightly.
  • Squat until the top of the knees are bent at or more than 90 degrees. The knees should remain behind, or directly over the toes. Maintain a tall neutral spine.
  • Hold this position for three to five seconds; then extend the hips, knees and ankles and return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Teaching cues

  • Imagine standing in the centre of a square and drop the buttocks to the middle of the square.
  • Keep the weight evenly distributed among the big toe, little toe and heel.

Watch the video

Marketing Manager, Nicole O’Dell, takes to the gym at our U.S office in Illinois and gives the TRX Iso Squat a go. Take a look.

Nicole was brand new to TRX, so the new Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training has been a huge help as she’s now added Suspension Training to her fitness regimen.

This exercise is for a beginner, the new Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training has 117 different exercises for you to try, 47 of these are for the lower body. If you fancy a more advanced workout check out the rear-foot elevated drop squat or the lateral skater. You could even add some weight by using a kettlebell in the rear-foot elevated muscle clean to press or the deadlift to press. All these can be found in the book.


The TRX is a durable, versatile piece of kit. There are plenty of workouts you can do with the TRX, many of which are covered in Complete Guide to TRX Suspension Training. You can train every muscle in the body and it takes around 1 minute to set up.

Use your bodyweight and gravity to perform these exercises that you can make easier or harder. The straps allow you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty based on your body’s position. It’s a fun, simple and safe way to build muscle and burn fat.

Going on holiday soon? Pack it in your suitcase! Oh and if you are going on holiday this summer and want to stay healthy check out Maintain muscle and fitness levels when you’re on a break

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