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Sportdata & Performance Forum – Get your tickets for this great event

We are pleased to be supporting the 4th Sportdata & Performance Forum in Zurich on the 27th and 28th November 2017.

Data in sports has received a lot of attention since the book and especially the movie “Moneyball”. In the movie there is the famous Peter Brands quote, “Ball clubs think in terms of buying players, your goal shouldn’t be to buy players, your goal should be to buy wins; to buy wins, you need to buy runs.” The link from what needs to be maximised and what can be measured was simple in the Moneyball case because runs are easy to count, but what about invasion games that continuously change their state of the game and where luck can lead to scoring and subsequently wins? The goal is still to buy wins, but invasion games are more complex, and coaches have an intuitive understanding of the underlying dynamics but accept analytical insight only if it is instant, easy to understand and somehow achieves an objective measurement of a principle they have a rather intuitive understanding of.

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The event takes place at Glockenhof Zürich Hotel, Sihlstrasse 31, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland. Explore the exciting world of data analytics and how it applies to high-performance sport. Many sporting clubs and organisations now hold the view that data can unlock insights that will deliver a competitive advantage – by either identifying critical factors, understanding relationships or contextualising performance data. However, as ever more data is captured these organisations are struggling to find a way to bring all their information into one place and make sense out of it. Elite athletes and teams nowadays have the ability to collect a vast amount of data surrounding, but the challenge is unlocking the insights buried in that data and making it more actionable. This event aims to enable attendees to optimise their sports analytics and performance strategy in an ever increasingly competitive and challenging elite sports environment.

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Key issues to be addressed at 2017 Sportdata & Performance Forum includes:

  • Using Data Modelling to Enable Sports Organisations Make Better Sporting Decisions
  • Using Virtual Reality to Analyse Sports Performance
  • Influencing Variables vs. Key Performance Indicators in Sports Analytics (Lab Testing vs. Performance on the Pitch)
  • Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis in 21st Century Elite Sport
  • Strategic Planning with Sports Analytics
  • The Power of Psychometrics & Competitive Edge in Football
  • The Biometrics Revolution in Sports Science

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Some of the best speakers working in the sports data industry will be at this event including Karl Cooke, Head of Sports Science & Sports Medicine, British Swimming and Bill Gerrard, Data Scientist & Professor at Leeds University Business School; AZ Alkmaar; London Irish will present some innovative ideas on the topic Defensive Effectiveness in the Invasion-Territorial Team Sports: Some Perspectives from Football and Rugby Union. You can view the agenda and see the guest speakers now.

If you are attending the event be sure to check out some of our books such as Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes which will be on show at the 2017 Sportdata & Performance Forum.

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