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How to make money from Personal Training – Free webinar from Future Fit

make money from Personal Training

You can now watch this free webinar with Future Fit, titled How to make money from Personal Training. Presented by Paul Swainson who is the Head of Personal Training at Future Fit.

Recorded on: Wednesday 17th October 2018

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Make money from Personal Training

Personal training is a highly competitive, but potentially a lucrative career if approached in the right way.

Technical skills and knowledge in training, nutrition and behaviour change are of course vital for getting clients results, but getting those clients in the first place and generating more income are often the biggest challenges facing PTs.

A solid understanding of marketing and sales principles is essential for building a successful business. In this webinar, we will explore what people really want from personal trainers. Paul will look at strategies to get more clients to sign up for personal training and consider ways to maximise revenue for PTs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the difference between the profession of personal training and the product or service that clients actually buy into
  • Identify how to increase the perceived value of personal training
  • Identify key business principles for increasing income

Presenter Profile

make money from Personal Training - Paul Swainson

Paul Swainson

Paul brings over 15 years’ experience to his role at Future Fit, as a personal trainer, PT manager, consultant and educator. He has created a successful PT business as well as working for some of the leading brands in the fitness industry.

Paul is also a writer and presenter and uses these platforms to advocate Future Fit’s campaign to #RaisetheBar – improving training standards across the industry to provide the next generation of fitness professionals with the skills they need for a successful career.

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Recording made available

If you sign up for the webinar but cannot make the live presentation, fear not! All our webinar presentations are saved on our website and made available for download and playback. It is usually on the website within 24 hours of the recording and if you sign up you will be sent an email containing the link to the recording.

Watch now

For more tips on how to make money as a PT take a look at this post which we published earlier this year – How to make money and grow your personal trainer business.

We also have a good selection of personal trainer books, journals and courses for those much-needed CPD points.




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