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Should we be using Bayesian methods to find out if our training techniques actually produce faster, better, stronger athletes?

Bayesian methods to get faster and stronger

The most common goal for athletes and their coaches is to improve performance but can you be sure your intervention actually achieved its intended goal? This free webinar will show you how to apply Bayesian methods to determine if you have produced faster, stronger, better athletes.

Webinar title: Faster, higher stronger? Determining the effectiveness of sports performance interventions using Bayesian methods?

Presenter: Dr Tony Myers

Date: 13th March 2019

Time: 15.00 GMT

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Bayesian methods to get faster and stronger

There have been widely reported issues with using traditional p-values to evaluate the effectiveness of sport performance interventions and calls to consider using Bayesian models as an alternative. This webinar provides a conceptual overview of the process of Bayesian analysis from the perspective of a researcher and journal reviewer.

Learning outcomes of the webinar

  • State the advantages of Bayesian methods over traditional analysis
  • Describe how the information a researcher has can be updated with data
  • Describe the workflow process involved in Bayesian data analysis
  • List the methods used to select the best models to explain the data collected
  • Describe how to interpret Bayes Factors
  • Describe how to interpret Bayesian parameter estimates
  • Gain awareness of software packages that can be used to conduct Bayesian data analysis and where to obtain these packages from

Bayesian data analysis

During the webinar, Dr Tony Myers will take those participating through some basic Bayesian data analysis using free software. The software is called JASP download it here.

Presenter profile

Bayesian methods to get faster and stronger

Dr Tony Myers is a Reader at Newman University in Birmingham. He has undertaken courses on Bayesian analysis in the UK and Sweden and has been teaching and advising on Bayesian methods for the last 5 years to sport and exercise scientists at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including advising PhD students. He has recently conducted Bayesian data analysis for research teams publishing in sports performance and health-related fitness journals. Outside of academia, he is an internationally recognised Muay Thai referee and coach and who has coached numerous World, European and British professional Muay Thai Champions.

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Q&A section

The webinar concludes with a 15-minute question and answer session.

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