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Treating neck pain – Free webinar

Treating neck pain webinar Jane Johnson

Neck pain is a common injury, especially for those involved in playing sport. Treating neck pain is a very sensitive subject and definitely not something you want to get wrong.

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Expert physiotherapist Jane Johnson is back with some tips on how to treat neck pain in this free webinar.

Recorded on: Wednesday 27th March

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Last year Jane delivered a free webinar on back pain.In 2018 we did our year review and Jane’s back pain presentation was our most popular webinar, not only last year but ever.

This webinar on treating neck pain is in partnership with the FHT who are offering CPD for the webinar and Physique who will also be offering some special deals for listeners.

Treating neck pain

This free webinar will offer practical, safe and effective advice and treatments that manual therapists and fitness professionals can utilise to help clients with neck pain. If you yourself suffer with neck pain Jane will also offer her tips and guidance.

Learning outcomes

Following this webinar you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between acute and chronic neck pain.
  • Give examples of how clients describe their symptoms and explain why it is essential to acknowledge and document these.
  • Provide general advice you can give to a client with neck pain.
  • Prescribe exercises that are appropriate for people with neck pain.
  • Give examples of manual treatments which may be appropriate for clients with neck pain.
  • Give examples of measures can you use to assess whether your advice and treatment has been effective.

Author Profile

Jane Johnson is a bestselling author for Human Kinetics, not only an expert in treating neck pain and muscle injuries. She has authored Postural Assessment, Postural Correction, Soft Tissue Release, Deep Tissue MassageTherapeutic Stretching and the new for 2019 Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release for Human Kinetics.

Jane is a chartered physiotherapist with a background in musculoskeletal occupational health and is currently studying for a PhD. Formerly a massage therapist and fitness instructor, she has a passion for helping undergraduate and newly qualified massage, health and fitness professionals gain confidence in using common (and uncommon) assessment and treatment methods. Her treatment focus is on helping patients to implement practical ways for dealing with common musculoskeletal conditions.


All Human Kinetics webinars are recorded and then saved on our website.

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