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Determine and achieve your optimal competitive weight

The Athlete’s Guide to Making WeightIn The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight, sport dietitians Michele Macedonio and Marie Dunford have analysed today’s top athletes, competitive trends and positional demands across 21 sports to help determine and achieve optimal competitive weights.

It enables coaches and athletes to assess body composition, nutritional requirements and the athlete’s current training programme and then customise the book’s meal plans to provide a personalised approach to maximising performance.

Elite athletes already understand the impact that body weight and composition have on performance. They know that if they gain too much they can lose that all-important first step or alternatively, drop too much and risk being overpowered by the opponent.

Whether the need is to add muscle and mass, lose body fat, or control water weight, The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight will help athletes reach their goals without sacrificing either safety or performance.

What the experts say

“Michele Macedonio has dedicated her career to improving the lives of young competitors through nutrition. I refer all my athletes to Michelle and The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight for solid nutrition plans that help them develop to their potential.”
Scott Goodpaster BS,CSCS
Owner and Director, Cincinnati Functional Fitness

“Over the years, I’ve learned just how much nutrition and body weight influence athletic performance. In The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight, Macedonio and Dunford examine not only the demands of the sport, but the position played, to provide a clear plan for maximising that performance.”
Rudi Johnson
Detroit Lions Pro Bowl Running Back

“Michele Macedonio has been instrumental to my success as a professional athlete. She didn’t just give me a diet; she showed me how playing at the right weight maximizes speed, agility, quickness, and strength. In The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight, Macedonio and Dunford show you how to achieve your ideal weight for peak athletic performance and Pro Bowl play.”
Landon Johnson
Linebacker for the Carolina Panthers

“The programmes in The Athlete’s Guide to Making Weight have helped me add 30 pounds of muscle. I wouldn’t be playing college baseball without these programs.”
Evan Schweinfest
Xavier University Baseball Team

Supplementary Instructional Materials
Online resources for this book include materials to help set realistic performance, weight and health goals, including documents to assess current food intake and physical activity level, plus a form to record physical assessments and track progress.