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Stressed workers shun exercise

Stressed workerThe economic downturn is having a detrimental effect on the health, fitness and wellbeing of the nation, according to a new survey released by Cancer Research UK to launch its Run 10k series.

The findings reveal that a quarter of people are spending more hours at work compared to this time last year and over half of those that are currently working admit that work affects the level of exercise they do. Worryingly, over a quarter of those currently working admit they don’t regularly exercise.

The survey shows how job cuts and a looming fear of redundancy are affecting people’s lifestyles. Over half of those who are clocking up extra hours have an increased workload, while a third say they are over stretched staff-wise and a quarter are worried about their job security. More than a third of workers are unhappy with their work/life balance as they are working too much.

In terms of nutrition, 82 per cent of workers say that being busy at work affects their diet, with 41 per cent of workers going for speed over health when choosing food options. Four out of five of all adults admit they do not get their five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

In light of these findings, Cancer Research UK has launched the ‘Take 5 Challenge’ – five easy steps designed to help people incorporate exercise and fitness into their busy lives, redress work/life balance issues and provide great preparation for a Run 10k event this autumn.

It include tips on extra activity, stretching and hydration, have been designed to help people improve their general health and fitness and get them in the right mind set to take part in a Run 10k. With 43 events taking place across the UK this autumn, Cancer Research UK’s Run 10k series offers people the opportunity to feel good, do something positive and raise money for a great cause.

Cancer Research UK has worked closely with celebrity fitness expert Steve Halsall to create the step-by-step plans, which can be viewed and downloaded from Cancer Research.

A plan for the less experienced jogger, as well as an in-depth plan for the more seasoned runner keen to beat their personal best, can also be downloaded from the site.

Source: Cancer Research UK

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