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How to implement or improve wellness programmes

Sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and hectic schedules have led to obesity, chronic disease, elevated stress and a host of other health problems for large segments of the population.

There is plenty of advice available to those working to promote healthier lifestyle choices, but it can be difficult to turn the guidelines into programmes that appeal to the people most in need of help.

Winning Health Promotion Strategies offers guidance to anyone looking to encourage the members of their communities, schools and workplaces to make positive lifestyle changes.

The author has combined her own extensive experience with examples from model initiatives, evidence-based programmes and advice from experts in the wellness industry in order to help you better understand all of the factors involved in starting or improving your own initiatives.

The book provides everything you need to succeed, whether your goal is to start a new programme or to increase the effectiveness of existing programmes.

The ready-to-use examples in Winning Health Promotion Strategies cover a wide variety of wellness topics, including physical activity, motivation to exercise, nutrition, stress reduction, general well-being and cancer prevention.

It is a valuable reference for health and wellness promotion professionals, human resource professionals, wellness committee members, community organizations, schools, national and local governments, public health departments, personal trainers and other fitness professionals.