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Stretching a point

A team of Welsh inventors behind a unique powered stretching machine have won the top award at the International Invention Show of the Middle East (IIFME) in Kuwait.

It earned it’s inventors Robert Clarke and John Lockwood the gold medal for the best medical device at the show and also the best invention at the show which carries a US $15,000 prize.

SIRA is a user-controlled, powered stretching aid which stretches the entire posterior muscles groups in two movements and is the first machine of its kind.

It has an electronic timer, heart rate monitor and is wi-fi enabled with a touch screen displaying real-time information.

In-built sensors measure, track and store information from each session providing a benchmark measurement enabling trainers, coaches and physiotherapists to manage training or rehabilitation programmes better.

Although SIRA has already been snapped up by Fulham FC and is to be supplied to Wigan Athletic FC and the Ospreys, it will not be fully commercially available until the New Year.