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Taking Pilates to the next level

Are you ready to take your body to the next level? If so, Next-Level Pilates with Erika Bloom DVD is your personal programme for strengthening and lengthening your muscles for a total-body transformation.

From warm-up to cool-down, renowned instructor Erika Bloom will guide you through classic Pilates movements, targeting the deeper intrinsic muscles for improved posture and tone.

With Next-Level Pilates, you’ll go beyond traditional mat work to incorporate strength band and Pilates ball sequences designed to tone and strengthen your core, abs, back, legs, arms and hips.

Best of all, the DVD’s special programming option allows you to personalize each workout to accommodate your goals, your schedule and your body.

Simply select and sequence up to six 10-minute routines to create your own individualized Pilates programme.

So, grab your resistance band and small Pilates ball and experience studio-quality Pilates in your own home. Next-Level Pilates is your essential resource for sculpting a long, toned, healthy body.

Price: £14.99 I €16.50
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