Solving human performance problems

Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance, Fourth Edition, paves the way for students and professionals to identify and solve human performance problems in the areas of sport and exercise science, physical education, health and fitness.

Focusing on the concepts of reliability, objectivity and validity, the text introduces students to tests and measurements and guides them through statistical decision making and accurate interpretation of data.

The book is designed with student learning in mind with its practical approach, easy-to-read style and minimal mathematics.

Like previous editions, the text combines introductory algebraic concepts with explanations of reliability and validity to assist students in developing the knowledge and tools to gather and analyze data for decision making.

It also includes an online study guide which is specifically designed to work directly with the text.

Lecture outlines map each chapter’s content, giving students a template to follow during class lectures. Then after the lecture, the study guide features homework problems and quizzes that allow students to test how well they have mastered each chapter’s content.

It is intended to be used as a student text for measurement and evaluation courses in sport and exercise science, human performance, physical education, or health and fitness and is also a useful reference for professionals in those fields.

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