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Traditional playground games thought to help with concentration

Playground games

Research has found that traditional playground games such as ‘British Bulldog’ and ‘Stuck in the Mud’ could improve child fitness and concentration during lesson times.

The study was conducted by psychologists working with children with ADHD. The findings showed that by encouraging physical activity during play time children would get fit without considering the activity to be exercise. They would then be tired and exhilarated, making them more prepared to settle down and learn.

Professor of psychological science Betsy Hoza at the University of Vermont studied the effects of aerobic activity on the cognitive, social, and behavioural functioning in children with ADHD. It was found that among children with ADHD aerobic activity could help reduce symptoms such as inattention and moodiness.

She said: “It’s not rocket science, but what’s different is the philosophy behind it. We are trying to find ways to get young kids to do sustained aerobic activity so that it feels like fun and games to them.”

Source: Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology.

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