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Your essential guide to managing athlete monitoring

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes provides the tools needed to create a successful athlete monitoring plan. Coaches are able to use these skills to adapt their current training programmes and help their athletes achieve peak performance.

In recent years the use of athlete monitoring systems has grown due to the advancements in technology. The guide introduces coaches to the guidelines, approaches, challenges and solutions for athlete monitoring in both team and individual sports.

Author Mike McGuigan blends research-based concepts with practical application strategies for monitoring training and performance in athletes. It highlights the variants that can be monitored including, body stress, biochemical markers and hormonal response.

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes brings together discussion on the reliability of wearable technology and questionnaires. It also helps readers understand how to interpret data to modify their training programmes.

Numerous sidebars throughout the text provide coaches with real-world examples. As well as application of the content to assist readers in understanding concepts and the cutting-edge, evidence-based research on athlete monitoring.

Monitoring Training and Performance in Athletes is available to buy from for £40.99 / €49.20 (HK Rewards members £32.79 / €39.36). 

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