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The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) – Delivering an Olympic legacy

Delivering an Olympic legacy - The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine webinar

This webinar included information about the role of the National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM).

This webinar was recorded live on 15/12/17. To view the free recording please sign in or create an account at

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The NCSEM is an Olympic legacy project delivering research, education and clinical services in sport, exercise and physical activity from three hubs across England. The NCSEM is also helping CIMPSA to develop an occupational map for job roles and standards in Exercise, Fitness and Health, Wellbeing and Physical Activity. This webinar will cover both of these areas.

Learning outcomes of the webinar:

  • Background to the formation and make-up of the NCSEM.
  • Broad overview of what the NCSEM do.
  • Understand the aim of getting research in sport, exercise and PA into changes in clinical and public health practice.
  • Overview of EM/London model of co-locating research with clinical populations.
  • Specific examples of research projects.
  • Overview of Sheffield model of co-locating clinics with exercise provision.
  • Case studies of one or two patients explaining their journey through Sheffield model.
  • Role NCSEM is playing in helping to shape and create new types of roles within the leisure industry/healthcare crossover sector.
  • The future, new NSCEM centres, training opportunities, etc.

Presenter overview

Dr Steve Harris The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine (NCSEM) – Delivering an Olympic legacy webinarAs NCSEM England Programme Manager, Dr Stephen Harris is responsible for coordinating the activities of the three NCSEM regional centres. These include Loughborough, Sheffield and London. Steve’s role also involves raising the profile of the NCSEM as well as developing relationships between the NCSEM and other organisations in the sport, exercise and physical activity sector.

Watch the webinar

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