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The best sport science books in 2018

best sport science books 2018

In 2018 Human Kinetics released more great books, hosted some fascinating webinars and had the most views we’ve ever had on our blog. Below we list our best sport science books in 2018 as well as the most popular webinars and articles.

Best sport science books in 2018

Here at Human Kinetics, we are lucky to work with some of the best in sport science. We are also lucky that we have such fantastic and loyal customers, who have a passion for sport, health and fitness. Once again had a great year in 2018. Here is the review of our most popular books, webinars and articles in 2018.

The list below is of our best sport science books written in 2018 in terms of sales.

20. Power Yoga


19. Pregnancy Fitness


18. Orthopedic Joint Mobilization and Manipulation


17. Running Form


16. Dynamic Human Anatomy, 2nd Edition


15. Contemporary Sport Management, 6th Edition


14. Running Anatomy, 2nd Edition


This new edition of the bestselling running guide delivers more exercises, more insight and illustrations making it essential for all runners. Featuring 40 of the most effective strength exercises.

13. Applied Sport Mechanics 4th Edition 


Formerly titled Sport Mechanics for Coaches, this guide builds on the success of its previous editions. Essential for biomechanics students, it helps them understand how the fundamental laws of movement affect athletic performance. 

12. Clinical Exercise Physiology, 4th Edition


As the field of exercise physiology continues to evolve, there is one text that evolves with it. Clinical Exercise Physiology, 4th Edition has been a mainstay in the field since 2003. The revisions and additions to this latest rendition further reinforce its elite status. 

11. Golf Anatomy


This one of a kind guide has been developed over 15 years of working with professional golfers. With over 150 detailed anatomical illustrations, this updated second edition shows you how to lower your score by increasing your strength, power and range of motion for longer drives and more accurate shots. 

10. Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools


Getting children to be active has become more and more difficult in recent years. Luckily, Promoting Active Lifestyles in Schools was there to help. Packed with practical learning activities, quizzes and worksheets, it’s no wonder this was our bestselling P.E. title of the year. 

9. Your Workout Perfected


This new guide from former NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year, Nick Tumminello was an instant hit. Whether you want results for fitness, function, fat loss or physique related, Nick shares comprehensive and practical advice to help you achieve any fitness goal. 

8. Laboratory Manual for Exercise Physiology 2nd Edition


Written by experts Gregory Haff and Charles Dumke, this new and revitalised second edition builds on the success of its predecessor. It covers a wide variety of the tests typically performed in an exercise physiology laboratory when evaluating athletes or generally healthy individuals

7. Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology, 4th Edition


The new fourth edition of Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology builds on the book’s outstanding reputation in the field. As its updated title suggests, ther is now an emphasis on exercise psychology as well as sport psychology. Plus there’s the addition of career opportunities and distinctions between sport and exercise psychology research. 

6. Pilates for Rehabilitation


Authoritative yet accessible, Pilates for Rehabilitation paves the road to recovery. With all the latest research, proven exercises and expert advice, it’s the ultimate rehabilitation guide. 

This text provides detailed descriptions of the most effective exercises for rehabilitating and healing injuries. Plus, improving functional strength, promoting efficient movement and managing pain. 

5. Motor Control and Learning, 6th Edition


This popular title is back with a new sixth edition. It focuses on observable movement behaviour, the many factors that influence quality of movement and how movement skills are acquired. 

This new edition builds on the foundational work of Richard Schmidt and Timothy Lee set out in the previous editions. With three additional authors, the book now offers a range and depth of knowledge from new directions in motor control and learning. 

4. Sport Nutrition, 3rd Edition


Having only being released in October 2018, this highly anticipated new edition has stormed its way up to 4th. Back for a third edition, Sport Nutrition presents the principles and rationale for current nutrition guidelines for athletes. 

As our bestselling nutrition title, it builds on the previous edition to include revised and expanded content such as updated nutrition guidelines, personalised nutrition, protein metabolism and molecular biology. 

3. A Journey Into Yin Yoga


Featuring stunning photography and detailed instructions for over 50 poses, A Journey into Yin Yoga has been flying off the shelves since its release in June. 

It’s the perfect introduction to this fast-growing style of yoga. It provides you with poses, breathing and meditation techniques to help strengthen the mind, body and soul. 

2. Dance Anatomy, 2nd Edition


Featuring hundreds of amazingly detailed illustrations, Dance Anatomy, 2nd Edition presents the most effective exercises for dance and movement. 
Packed with insights, this essential guide helps you discover more efficient ways to improve your technique. These exercises help you put more practical thought into your work without comprising the beauty of dance.

1. Periodization, 6th Edition


Written by the pioneer of periodisation, Tudor Bompa and world renowned S&C coach Carlo Buzzichelli, it’s no wonder Periodization, 6th Edition has topped our list. 

This new sixth edition gives you the knowledge base to understand the latest research and practices related to periodisation training. 

The authors use the latest science and their seasoned expertise to teach you how to maximise your training gains with periodisation.

Top 5 webinars

This year we hosted 18 free webinars with leading and upcoming names from the field of sport science.

These webinars were chosen as the best 5 as they were the most popular in terms of the number of sign-ups, views and engagement.

We are always looking for new organisations and influencers to work with, so please do get in touch if you would like to present or cobrand a webinar with Human Kinetics. You can contact

5. Sleep and performance – Time to wake up – Dr Ian Dunican

This fascinating and thought-provoking webinar was hosted by world-renowned sleep expert Dr Dunican. He shared his sleep research and spoke about how biomathematical modelling can be used to design and schedule training and travel to optimise sleep and performance. The webinar was in partnership with BASES and promoted by UKSCA too.

Watch now

4. Exercise Training in Youth: What do we know? – Dr Melitta McNarry

Back in February, we were joined by Senior Lecturer of Exercise Physiology, Dr McNarry, she presented a webinar on the trainability of children. The presentation gave a comprehensive overview of the trainability of aerobic fitness, strength and speed in children and adolescents. In partnership with BASES.

Watch now

3. Performance Support: Is it science? – Dr Kevin Currell

Performance support teams for athletes and teams are now larger than ever, however, harnessing all of this knowledge and applying it to the athlete effectively is the key to success, this is something Dr Currell knows all about as he is the Head of Performance support at EIS. This webinar gave a unique insight into the interdisciplinary workings of support teams behind some of the world’s best athletes. In partnership with BASES and EIS.

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2. All models are wrong, but some are useful: How biomechanical data can support decision-making in performance sport – Dr Paul Barratt

Dr Barratt, the head of Performance Support and Biomechanics at British Cycling gave an excellent presentation on how biomechanical and performance data can be used to help athletes and coaches navigate problems using an evidence-based approach. He spoke about how he uses data-driven decision-making with his athletes. The Q&A section at the end was also very insightful. In partnership with British Cycling and BASES.

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1. Advice, exercises and treatments for low back pain – Jane Johnson

This webinar was not only the most popular of 2018 but it was the most popular webinar we’ve ever hosted.

Jane Johnson is a chartered physiotherapist and a best selling Human Kinetics author. In this webinar Jane demonstrated safe and effective treatments to help clients with both acute and chronic low back pain.

This webinar was in partnership with the FHT and we have another lined up with Jane Johnson and the FHT in March 2019, titled Treating clients with neck pain keep your eyes peeled for more details.

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Top 5 articles

Throughout the year we pride ourselves on providing you with excellent free content from our books, journals and often exclusive unpublished insights from our authors or partners.

These were the most popular articles from 2018.

5. How to make money and grow your personal trainer business

4. What is PNF stretching and how should you use it?

3. 5 quick and simple drills to help improve you running foot strike

2. The best strength training books

1. Dancers warn against en pointe for young children


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