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Celebrating Women in Sport with Future Fit Training

Human Kinetics is proud to partner with Future Fit Training. For the past 30 years they’ve been educating fitness professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, working with women who have excelled in professional sport and are looking to move into the next stage of their careers. The women Future Fit have worked with demonstrate women excelling in fields that have traditionally been the remit of men, and show that even when you have reached the pinnacle of sporting accomplishment, there is still another chapter to come, one that requires a redefining of the established definition of success. Future Fit’s ambassadors showcase some of these women, from their sporting achievements and onwards.

How your hormones change throughout your menstrual cycle

As a woman you’ll have noticed the changes you experience throughout your menstrual cycle – some days you may be too burnt out and bloated to even want to get out of bed, and other times you are full of vigor, smashing personal bests all over town. So what gives? The fluctuations of hormones, of course! In this post we share extracted content from Total Body Beautiful explaining the hormonal fluctuations you’ll experience each cycle and how they may impact your mood and energy.