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The most popular workouts of 2013

KettlebellsIf you searched for CrossFit Workouts or Kettlebell training this year then you were in the majority.

Google’s 13th annual Zeitgeist of the most popular searches of the year found that for those looking to get fit, high-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) were among the most popular forms of exercise this year.

While it may have launched four years ago, in 2013 Shaun Thompson’s Insanity workout came out top of 2013’s hiits.

Here are Google’s 10 most-searched for workouts of 2013:
1. Insanity Workout
2. CrossFit Workouts
3. Ab Workouts
4. Bicep Workouts
5. 7-Minute Workout
6. Kettlebell Workouts
7. Shoulder Workouts
8. Back Workouts
9. Plank Exercises
10. TRX Workout

Source: Google

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