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300 workouts for the ultimate fitness challenge

Research shows that short bouts of high-intensity resistance training are just as effective at spiking metabolism as standard workouts lasting an hour or longer.

High-Intensity 300 offers 300 workouts that can be completed in just 30 minutes. This collection of challenging routines provides people who like to push themselves to the limit with a way to build muscle and shed fat.

After an introductory “Ramping Up” chapter, High-Intensity 300 allows readers to choose workouts that will help them attain specific strength and conditioning goals, such as fat burning or core strengthening.

Each workout includes easy or step-it-up variations that readers can use to suit their fitness level, along with photographs and detailed instructions. Several featured exercises are combined to create each day’s workout, with brief warm-up and cool-down routines tailored for each one.

The 40 Toughest Workouts will raise the bar further for maximum performance.

Readers can choose the strength quality they want to train or go through the entire book and become the ultimate gym warrior in just 12 months. Either way, High-Intensity 300 will prove to be a key resource for getting fit from head to toe.

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