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Secrets of a personal trainer: How to keep clients on track

As a personal trainer, one of the first steps you will take with a new client is conducting an initial assessment, determining an appropriate starting point for achieving established goals.  Such assessments are not one-off events, but should be ongoing – checking in along the way to make sure the client stays on track. In this post, we explore some of the most important responsibilities of trainers when it comes to ongoing assessment and keeping the client on track. Adapted from Secrets of Successful Program Design.

Learn the scientific concepts of exercise physiology

Practical Guide to Exercise Physiology guides readers through the scientific concepts of exercise physiology with highly visual, easy-to-follow content. The text applies complex concepts of physiology to exercise programme design, giving personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and other health and fitness professionals an accessible resource to use with their clients. Written specifically for those in the fitness industry, the text covers various training goals and considerations when working with clients and athletes at all levels. It takes an application-based approach in describing intricate physiological processes so that professionals can select and explain the appropriate exercises and physical activity regimens to clients. Normal Price: £29.99 | €45.60 HK Rewards Price: £23.99 | €36.48 Find out more

How to distinguish the important from the unimportant: The skills, knowledge and competencies of fitness instruction – a webinar

Professor Thomas Rieger, Chairman of the Standards Council of EuropeActive, will present the latest European educational standards in fitness instruction. He will explain in detail how these have been developed and how you can use them in your own practice. One pivotal aspect is the understanding of just why fitness instruction is so important. The sheer number of options available for training in fitness instruction can be overwhelming. This webinar also seeks to provide an understanding of the criteria you should consider when selecting courses, course providers and course material in fitness instruction.