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It’s National Fitness Day

UKactivelogoToday is National Fitness Day, the largest celebration of physical activity in the UK.

All across the UK hundreds of clubs, parks and leisure centres have opened their doors to welcome you for free.

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Promoting active, healthy lifestyles

Implementing Physical Activity Strategies profiles 42 physical activity programmes that are helping people adopt more active and healthy lifestyles.

It highlights innovative and tested physical activity programmes being implemented in eight sectors including education; healthcare, fitness and sports.

A consistent presentation of information on each programme makes this comprehensive reference easy-to-use and readers will find tools and information to bring success to their own initiatives.

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Sport is Exercise

exercisemedicinesymposiumprofrollnickThe Wales Exercise Medicine Symposium,
Swansea University
Friday, 19th September 2014

The symposium will display the exciting & controversial work being undertaken in the field of Exercise Medicine.

The day will both educate and insipre clinicians, scientists, researchers, and students about the latest developments in Exercise Medicine.

The hope is that it will drive collaboration within the field to facilitate research, improve clinical practice and effect policy in this area. Find out more >>

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Extra PE cash is having positive effect

Youth RugbyChildren in nine out of 10 primary schools in England are getting better PE lessons thanks to new sport funding, suggests research for the government.

Researchers asked more than 500 schools how they were spending the government’s £150m-a-year PE and Sport Premium.

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Core training to improve athletic performance

Whilst an aesthetically pleasing abdominal region is the aim for a bodybuilder, it is not the primary goal for an athlete.

A torso trained for high-level sport performance is what it’s all about for them.

This book offers a functional approach to core training for athletes seeking a competitive edge in sports.

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