New conference on aesthetic performance

28 January 2014, 10:01

Dancer Kofi Aidoo Appiah School Tring Park Photo Brian O' CarrollAesthetic athletes and dancers; Training and optimising performance.
Royal Society of Medicine, London
7th April, 2014.

Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer Programme, in partnership with the Royal Society of Medicine is hosting this conference which is dedicated to the aesthetic performer.

It will be will be an exciting moment for British sport and dance – where professionals come together to build on the London 2012 Dance and Sport legacy, to optimise performance enhancement for British talent.

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Human Kinetics celebrates 40 years of excellence

27 January 2014, 09:09

Human Kinetics 40 Years of Excellence
On April 1st Human Kinetics turned 40.

We are planning to mark our anniversary year with offers, events, news stories, promotions and more.

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Free webinar on “Developing Speed in Distance Runners”

24 January 2014, 09:56

Owen AndersonOwen Anderson, author of Running Science, will present a free webinar Developing Speed in Distance Runners on January 30th, 2014, at 7:00pm GMT.

Even if you know you will be unable to attend the live broadcast, register for the live webinar anyway and your name will be added to a list of registrants who will automatically receive an email containing a link to the recorded webinar.

This webinar will last approximately one hour and will:

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Defining the role of the athletic administrator

23 January 2014, 09:04

Athletic Director’s Desk Reference is the most authoritative and comprehensive resource available for college and university athletic administrators.

Loaded with practical tools, this resource guides programme administrators in navigating their increasingly complex roles in athletic programmes of any size.

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Diabetes risk in women reduced by resistance training

16 January 2014, 13:10

High intensity interval trainingThat’s the finding of an eight year study, published in the journal PLoS Medicine, which tracked the health of nearly 100,000 nurses in the US.

The results show that muscle building exercises, such as lifting weights and doing press-ups, are linked with a lower risk of diabetes.

The reduced diabetes risk seen in the study, was an additional benefit to those also gained from doing aerobic workouts that exercise the heart and lungs.

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Run bases like a professional

13 January 2014, 10:11

Baserunning is the most complete and authoritative guide on this critical yet often-overlooked offensive skill. It goes inside today’s game to explain the techniques and strategies for ruling the basepaths.

Discover the secrets to leading off, detecting pick-off attempts, improving first-step speed, avoiding tags and determining the best counts and situations for success in stealing bases.

Baserunning is a must-have for every coach, player and student of the game.

Normal Price: £13.99 I €18.20
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £11.19 I €14.56

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The coaching secrets of a volleyball legend

10 January 2014, 11:00

Anyone wishing to be a successful volleyball coach needs to know more than just how to teach the basic skills and implement a plan.

In such a fast-paced game, not only do you need to outperform your opponent, but you must outthink him as well.

Volleyball Hall of Fame coach Mike Hebert spent years learning the secrets to success and among the most important is that you should never stop learning.

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The unique and expressive artistry of modern dance

8 January 2014, 13:11

For those new to modern dance, this book provides a friendly orientation on the structure of a modern dance technique class and includes information regarding class expectations, etiquette and appropriate attire.

Students also learn how to prepare mentally and physically for class, maintain proper nutrition and hydration and avoid injury.

Beginning Modern Dance supports students in understanding modern dance as a performing art and as a medium for artistic expression.

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Fit teenagers at less heart attack risk

8 January 2014, 11:18

Youth RugbyResearchers in Sweden have found an association between a person’s fitness as a teenager and their risk of heart attack in later life.

In a study of nearly 750,000 men, they found that the more aerobically fit men were in late adolescence, the less likely they were to have a heart attack 30 or 40 years later.

However, fit but overweight or obese men still had a significantly higher risk of a heart attack than unfit, lean men, suggesting that not only is it more important not to be overweight or obese than to be fit, but that it’s even better to be both fit and a normal weight.

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Hit the slopes in style

2 January 2014, 12:30

More than 2,000 ski areas in 57 countries offer fun and excitement to people of all ages, from young children to pensioners.

Whether you’ve never stood on skis or you’re looking to improve your basic skills, you can depend on Alpine Skiing to help you hit the slopes in style this winter.

The book introduces novice skiers to the basics of the sport, assists intermediate skiers in refining skills and advises experts in specialized situations.

It also provides useful consumer, technique and safety tips, plus valuable information on travel and trip planning, such as choosing a ski area and accommodation, packing and flying with your gear.

Normal Price: £15.99 I €20.80
HK Rewards Members’ Price: £12.79 I €16.64
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