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A lifetime of running workouts.

Whether running for health, competitively, or both, Fitness Running includes established programmes to help runners achieve their goals.

Colour-coded and flexible, the 13 to 26 week programmes cover base building, fitness and training for short-distance events, half and full marathons.

It includes more than just workouts however and covers individualised testing for assessing running health and log pages for recording runs, results and health information.

It also contains specific recommendations for female runners and the latest information on gear and gadgets, cross-training, stretching and recovery.

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New campaign from Sport England

248B6AE200000578-2903926-image-m-9_1420835708611Sport England has launched its “This Girl Can campaign” which aims to get more women and girls active – whatever their age, shape or ability.

The campaign is the first of its kind to feature women who sweat and jiggle as they exercise.

It seeks to tell the real story of women who exercise and play sport by using images that are the complete opposite of the idealised and stylised images of women we are now used to seeing.

The campaign doesn’t hold back in trying to encourage women to beat their barriers.

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Pocket guide to Hatha Yoga

Yoga practitioners were captivated by simple instruction and stunning photography in the best-selling Hatha Yoga Illustrated.

Now, that winning formula has been applied to Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket Guide for Personal Practice.

It features full-colour photographs, basic movement cues, the English and Sanskrit names, and difficulty ratings for over 150 poses.

Simple, attractive and convenient, Hatha Yoga Asanas is the one reference every practitioner and instructor should own.

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Dance as a subject and a career

Studying Dance is an accessible and comprehensive guide for students entering their first year of a university dance study programme.

It introduces all the cultural, artistic and educational aspects of dance and by expanding their thinking, students will move to a deeper understanding of themselves as dancers and the world around them.

The author demystifies the entire first-year experience while guiding students in the discovery of dance as a multi-faceted discipline and also prompts students to visualise and plan their dance life beyond campus so they can set clear goals for studying and succeeding as young professionals.

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PE lessons not active enough

Girls PEUK National Curriculum Physical Education lessons are failing to deliver enough health enhancing physical activity for girls in secondary schools, research published by Leeds Beckett University has revealed.

The research study, published in European Physical Education Review, concluded that health enhancing physical activity accounted for only one-fifth of the time spent in PE.

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