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A selection of books published by Human Kinetics.

The Modern Art of High Intensity Training

Out now: The Modern Art of High Intensity Training

Featuring 40 exercises, 127 workouts and a full 15-week programme, The Modern Art of High Intensity Training offers a visually stunning presentation of all things high intensity. Along with covering the five principles of high intensity training, its eye-catching illustrations convey the strength, power and beauty of the movements.


No-nonsense advice from experts in strength training

Strength Training, 2nd Edition combines the most valuable information with expert advice for proven results. Written by a team of experts chosen by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), this updated second edition provides you with proven techniques and programmes to fit any training plan. This authoritative guide from the world leaders in strength training corrects any misconceptions to ensure proper technique, safety and progressions. Normal Price: £18.99 | €22.80 HK Rewards Price: £15.19 | €18.24 Find out more