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Finnish government recommend children need three hours exercise a day


According to the Finnish government, children should spend at least three hours a day performing physical activities.

Parents in the country have been advised to actively encourage their children to pursue hobbies and interests that require physical exertion. Children under the age of eight are the main target in the new scheme.

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New research indicates exercise can tackle the symptoms of schizophrenia

Cycle_Class_at_a_GymA new study from the University of Manchester has suggested that aerobic exercises could significantly help sufferers of the long-term mental health condition schizophrenia.

The researchers used data from 10 different clinical trials which included 385 schizophrenia sufferers.  Continue reading

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Schools asked to play key role in fight against childhood obesity

Last Thursday saw the UK government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity unveiled. The main aim of the scheme is to get children eating healthier and undertaking more exercise whilst at school.

The strategy stated that primary schools in the UK will now be expected to deliver at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity to their pupils every day. Physical activity will also be a key part of the new healthy schools rating scheme. This voluntary scheme allows schools to demonstrate what they are doing to help make children more physically active. Continue reading

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Scotland launches new fund to boost the participation of women in sport


A new scheme in Scotland is being set to help increase women’s engagement in sport.

The £300,000 Sporting Equality Fund will try to close the gender gap that emerges in early adolescence.

Recent studies have shown that during early teenage years boys are 20% more likely than girls to be involved in sport.

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Think, move and play with purpose

Running back is a position that many have played but very few have excelled in, Complete Running Back is the ultimate guide to help you succeed in the sport’s most important position.

Tim Horton brings his insights, advice and expertise, all allowing you to think, move and playing with purpose.

The guide features 81 of the most effective drills all designed to help you master field running, blocking and pass-catching. It’s the perfect resource for both players and coaches.

Normal Price: £16.99 | €25.80

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Fitness tracking bands may be undervaluing exercise levels

Increasingly popular wrist-worn fitness tracking bands may be underestimating our exercise levels by up to 40 per cent, a new study has found.

The research took place at the University of Queensland (UQ) and sought to determine the accuracy of the popular fitness monitors. PhD student, Matthew Wallen and supervisor Professor Jeff Coombes from the UQ’s School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences led the study in testing the four most common devices.

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Study reveals drop in children’s fitness levels during the summer months

New research has suggested that the fitness levels of UK schoolchildren are being decreased by their ‘lazy summer holidays’.

This information came from a study carried out by the UKActive Research Institute. The study involved over 400 children from schools in Camden and Islington as part of the ‘My Personal Best Challenge’, developed by Premier Sport. It found that British schoolchildren’s fitness levels dropped by 80% during the holidays.

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Traditional playground games thought to help with concentration

Research has found that traditional playground games such as ‘British Bulldog’ and ‘Stuck in the Mud’ could improve child fitness and concentration during lesson times.

The study was conducted by psychologists working with children with ADHD. The findings showed that by encouraging physical activity during play time children would get fit without considering the activity to be exercise. They would then be tired and exhilarated, making them more prepared to settle down and learn.

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