Does organised sport engage children in physical activity?


Organised sport should not be used to engage children in physical activity as it alienates them from taking part in regular exercise, according to the chief executive of Fit For Sport.

Speaking at Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham, Dean Horridge said that the way UK children engage in physical activity was “terribly wrong”. He mentioned that some children even left primary school without learning to catch, yet were expected to play sports like cricket in secondary school.

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TeamUp initiative aims to get 150,000 girls into team sport

28/09/16. TeamUp Launch. Credit: Daniel Lynch 07941 594 556

The National Governing Bodies for cricket, hockey and netball have joined forces in a bid to encourage 150,000 schoolgirls to play team sports.

Team UpThe initiative named, TeamUp has been launched by the England and Wales Cricket Board, England Hockey and England Netball. Their aim is to engage with more than 15,000 schools over the next three years to help them increase their offer in cricket, netball and hockey for girls aged between seven and thirteen.

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Strength Training for Fat loss course

Strength Training for Fat Loss is our continuing education course of the week.

We are pleased to announce that this course has recently been endorsed by The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES).  Upon completion of the course you will now earn 7 BASES credits.

BASES are the professional body leading excellence in sport and exercise sciences through evidence-based practice.

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Health benefits of cycling outweigh risks caused by traffic pollution

A new study has found that the benefits of the physical activity almost always outweighs the negative effects of pollution for those cycling through urban areas.

London’s air pollution, caused predominantly by traffic and diesel fumes, is responsible for 9,500 premature deaths each year, according to a 2015 study by King’s College, London. Due to their close proximity with traffic and deeper breathing, a cyclist in London can expect greater exposure to that threat than most.

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New study finds physical activity could offset harmful effects of alcohol

A new study from the University of Sydney, Australia has found that physical activity could radically offset some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol.

Researchers looked at around 10 years’ worth of national survey data from UK adults aged over 40. The researchers collected data from around 36,000 men and women from the Health Survey for England (HSE) and the Scottish Health Suvery (SHS) between 1994 and 2006. Participants were asked about their current alcohol consumption and physical activity. Continue reading “New study finds physical activity could offset harmful effects of alcohol”